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AutoSurf.50megs/index.html This site is SUPER NEW!! and just now is kinda sorta ready. -And is being used for BETA testing. All material within this site is private, confidential intellectual property. If you have arrived here a bit early, try visiting:

If you wish to participate in beta phase testing of this project, contact me at:, or just follow your instincts and check out the site.

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If you would like to be a beta testing webmaster, follow the link to webmasters.

You may also download and install the AutoSurf quick launch Icon for your desk top.

Click here to download AutoSurf desktop quick launch.
This takes minimal space, and can be deleted anytime.
After lownloading you will need to unzip the file, then click on 'install.exe' and select the install location such as: 'C:\WINDOWS\desktop\' ( or 'C:\WINDOWS\profiles\YourUserName\desktop\' for computers with more than one user.)


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