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Autosurf a wave -- selecting this button always links to the sites' local AutoSurf.html page thereby engaging automatic page surfing begining with that site. Click for a sample. Webmasters who wish to explore AutoSurf features should click here. You know who you are  :) We are actively seeking advertisers to display  banners at our site for selection by Webmasters (to be included with their AutoSurf-boards on their autosurf pages.)

Autosurf is about fun. Speed. Navigation.

We aim to make surfing more entertaining. Eliminate searching.

Pick a wave which is right for the moment, jump off anytime.

We'll provide the surfboards!

Meta tags and code etc. provided to webmasters for free.

A great place to advertise.

Your site can have an autosurf page, free.

Educators and schools, ( or just folks who know stuff )may participate with a special version designed to work with their lessons.

So who is AutoSurf? AutoSurf is designed by and maintained by F. Davies Owner of Delphi O.E.M. Co.

Click on the AutoSurf button below to surf a sample wave in a new window.


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