FAQ - frequently asked question.

Q: 	What is Autosurf?

A: 	The way to sit back and surf the web,
	 --without clicking, automatic.
	A way to advertise.
	A means of presenting your lessons.
	A cool new gizmo for your site.
	A tool for your desktop.
	A portal.
	An educational tool.
	Mass hits generater.	 

Q: 	Does it cost?

A: 	Surfing is free. 
	Non-commercial site use is free (see below.) 
	Those who wish to remove the advertising are required to pay a fee.
	Commercial use (without ad banners) is free (see above.)

Q: 	How can I participate?

A: 	Surfers click click here or go to the Links page.
	Commercial users click here to sign up.
	Commercial users click here to log in.
	Non-commercial users click here to sign up.
	Non-commercial users click here to log in.

Q:	How can I advertise with you?

A:	Click here.

Q:	I am an educator, can you help?

A:	Yes! This concept is a natural for lessons.
	For our special educational code area, click here.

Q:	Where is everything?

A:	See our sitemap to find out.

Q:	Who are you?

A:	Click here to find out :)

Q:	Do you want to know what I think?

A:	Yes, Click here to tell us.

Q:    Why should I Click here?

A:	Beacuse you need help, and clicking will take you there.

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