AutoSurf welcomes new advertisers!!

AutoSurf can place your banner at the top of the autosurf boards which AutoSurf gives away free to webmasters.

The banner below is an'active' link example.

Autosurf-board with ad banner.

Sample (above) is of free autosurf-board (which includes ad banner.)

AutoSurf just needs the address of your banner. can fetch it and display it at autosurf for webmasters to review, and select amoung.

AutoSurf lets the webmasters choose the banner for their sites.Your banner will compete equally with the banners of our other advertisers on the Webmasters page.

The price for placing your advertising banner on the Webmasters page is $19.95 for 1 month, $29.95 for a half year, and $49.95 for one full year. AutoSurf will not remove your banner (unless requested) if it has not been choosen by at least one Webmaster (regardless the price catagory you may have selected.) These prices are preliminary and subject to change, and negotiation. AutoSurf DOES allow Webmasters to swap out banners as they desire. You may initiate your order by clicking on one of the buttons below. Please return to this page and submit your name, e-mail address, and the online location of your banner, we do the rest.
Click on a button below to purchase through a VERY secure site (i-escrow) for payment. You may also use the form to request further information.

$19.95 for 1 month

$29.95 for a half year

$49.95 for one full year

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